Perforated Cable Type
These are U shaped M.S. Channels , with center perforation and two side edges. The edges may be Perforated one or un-Perforated, fabricated from 1.6 mm or 2 mm thick sheet. Generally 2 mm sheet is used and its standard length is 2.5 mtr. The width of the center perforated portion, may vary from 50 mm to 1000 mm and the height of edges, may vary from 25 mm to 150 mm. Generally, open type cable trays are being used. On specific demand, its cover may also be fabricated. Covers are un-perforated channels , generally fabricated from 20 G sheet. The width of cover is 5 mm more, than the width of the cable tray. The height of edges of cover, is generally 25 mm. However, higher height may also be provided on specific demand. The thickness of sheet of cover is generally 20 G, higher thickness is quoted on demand. Length of the cover may be in one pieces or in two pieces.


Vertical Bend